HDSLR Meet-Up Copenhagen – 22th of September 2010

Join the Facebook Group HDSLR Junkies and sign-up to participate in the first HDSLR Meet-Up in Denmark. It will go down on the 22th of September at 8pm (20:00) at Grand Teater in Copenhagen. The following is for the Danish Particpants. Should you want to participate, and do not understand Danish, please write a message […]

Six Key Tactics for a Successful Viral Video

If you can think of a relevant way to utilise video as part of your marketing then there’s every reason you should. Research shows that audiences are extremely comfortable with the medium (YouTube alone makes up almost a quarter of Google search queries), it’s cheap to distribute, needn’t be expensive to produce and ranks highly […]

Video: Bittman interviews René Rezepi, Chef of the Worlds Best Restaurant

Watch in HD if possible. Referenced site: http://www.kitchendaily.com/2010/07/1… Produced by Identityzoom. Photographer & Editor: Peter C. Harry. I had the pleasure to work with Mark Bittman, an American food journalist and author, who is in high regard in the world of food. He came to Copenhagen to interview René Redzepi, the chef of Noma, recently claimed […]

Videoday – HDSLR Workshop

Videotjenesten aka Jonas Løvstad and I will host a workshop in HDSLR use. Tjeck out the programme here: http://www.videoday.dk/program

Final Episode of Zacuto Shootout

Looking at green screen, resolution, pseudo raw & color Click the image below to go to the video.

First 2 minutes of “House” 5DmkII season finale now online

Finally we can see the first two minutes of this much hyped episode of House. The teaser of 2 minutes was shot on 3 Canon 5DmkIIs. Quite impressive stuff. Check out Philip Blooms interview with Director Greg Yaitanes here. (Via Philip Bloom.)

The Story Beyond The Still Competition – Chapter 3 Winner – “The Beach”

“The Story Beyond The Still” is a HD Video competition by Canon in association with Vimeo. The embedded video is the chapter 3 winner. Shot with a Canon 7D camera in the Los Angeles area. I’m very impressed with the quality. Amazing what you can do with a DSLR camera. You can get more behind […]

Colorgrading Explained

Color grading is an art form. It can change a movie experience, for better or worse. As with any great art form, good artists (i.e. colorist) are rare. Having the talent of understanding color grade and the psychological aspects is crucial. I find color grading fascinating but also very hard to comprehend. However, the blog […]

HDSLR Junkies Facebook Group

Beyond The Still Contest How about a Danish entry to the contest? Why not make a movie as an entry for the next chapter? It is for “US Citizens only” but the video will still be considered as an entry. No matter the end result, it’s a super reference. More info at:http://vimeo.com/groups/beyondthestill Follow HDSLR Junkies […]

Identityzoom Activities during COP15

Hello Everybody,  The COP15 event in Copenhagen in December 2009 was a very busy period for a lot of people involved in video production, me included. As case examples, I’d like to mention a couple of assignments. The Agricultural & Rural Development Day was a COP event hosted by CGIAR, CCAFS, Global Donor Platform for […]