4 Key Elements for a Viral Video

4 Key Elements for a Viral Video

Written by Jeff Bullas Has the formula for a viral video been discovered? Viral videos have made ordinary people famous and taken brands from obscurity to overnight success when people have shared them on social networks. It has been assumed for a long time that viral videos are an accident or a fortunate occurrence. A […]

Video in E-mails Boost Click Rates 2-3 times

Incorporating video into emails will improve click-through rates by 2-3 times, according to a Forrester report. Proof that internet streamed video is on a surge. But how long will it last? When images in emails became possible, click rates surely increased. Video in e-mails may have a limited shelf life seen in a historical perspective, but it […]

Article About Web-Tv, etc.

Et spørgsmål om tro – Medier & reklame A business.dk article on visual media on the web, especially Web-TV. (The article is written in Danish) Preface: Video and moving images (i.e. flash) is the fastest growing media on the internet, but it is hard to earn money from the phenomenon. Danish online media is however […]