The First HDSLR Meet-Up Copenhagen Recap

The first HDSLR Meet-Up in Denmark took place just a few hours ago. We participated via the Facebook Event page which was arranged by the HDSLR Junkies Facebook Group. Initially we would have liked to have been more people, but it turned out to be just right. Because everybody got an opportunity to tryout gear and share thoughts about video production. Something that might not have been possible if we were too crowded. Hmm, whom am I kidding, sure a big meet-up would have been great, but honestly, I think it was a good beginning, something that will create momentum, as we move further. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to discover what we, the “HDSLR Junkies” really are all about. I mean, what skills do we have? What gear do we own? What do we want in a forum like this?

I felt that everybody has the same passion about photography with a high level of insight in what goes on in the world of HDSLR. Some work with photography as a living, and some are passionate hobbyists. Everybody had knowledge about HDSLR video production that was worth sharing, which was really cool. Nobody was left out or anything like that. Great.

A highlight, gear-wise, was a demonstration of the Zeiss Compact Prime Lens CP.2 (25mm, kindly borrowed by Zeiss Germany). I’m not sure if any stores have these lenses available here in Denmark, so it was really cool to get hands-on experience with a high-quality Compact Prime lens. I hope to give a product test summary soon.

I’ve added some pictures from the event. The place was not well lighted, so the images are not particularly sharp. But it gives an impression of the event that took place.

Thank you guys. Hope to see you and more at the next HDSLR event. I’ve got a few ideas that I hope will pull through.

Cheers, Peter

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