Online Video For Business: Don’t Ignore It Your Competitors Aren’t

Written by Jeff Bulla. I have realized the importance of online video now for about 18 months after joining YouTube on September 28, 2009 and this year I have committed (and actually started) to interview on video and publish online, 50 business leaders in the online and internet sectors so that other people can learn […]

HOW TO: Make a Successful Marketing Video for the Web

Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, public speaker and author of Never Get a ‘Real’ Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Broke. The content for this post was sourced from the Young Entrepreneur Council, a group of successful Gen Y business owners. You can submit your questions […]

Web Video Is The New Television

Via Written by Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of Video overwhelms the Web. And it should. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the Internet, at one time the plumbing that connected pages of text and occasional images, is rapidly transforming itself to be a network of video publishing and viewing. At first glance, this […]

Gawker Founder: The Future of Online Media Is Video

(Via Mashable!.) At Monday’s IAB Mixx conference in New York, Gawker Media Founder Nick Denton took the stage with AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka to discuss the future of the blogging network — and that future is all about images and video. “People don’t really want to read text,” Denton said. “They want videos, they want images, bigger, […]

The First HDSLR Meet-Up Copenhagen Recap

The first HDSLR Meet-Up in Denmark took place just a few hours ago. We participated via the Facebook Event page which was arranged by the HDSLR Junkies Facebook Group. Initially we would have liked to have been more people, but it turned out to be just right. Because everybody got an opportunity to tryout gear and […]

I'm Seeking Jobs Abroad

Denmark is a beautiful country… during summer. The winter season is a real bummer. So I’d like to take my camera abroad during the Scandinavian winter season and make great stills, reportage documentaries and corporate movies. Plus, I’ve got really good skills in creative writing. It’s a win-win. Currently I am investigating traveling to South […]

DSLR Video Editing for Photographers with CS5 Premiere Pro

Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine has begun a multi-part series on DSLR video editing in Premiere Pro CS5. Great introduction to anybody starting out using video with their DSLR camera (or HDSLR). [youtube 4-jLuMgeALY DSLR Video Editing for Photographers 1] [youtube B2VXeqwlZF8 DSLR Video Editing for Photographers 2] [youtube WxaN2bWwxKU DSLR Video Editing for Photographers 3] […]

HDSLR Meet-Up Copenhagen – 22th of September 2010

Join the Facebook Group HDSLR Junkies and sign-up to participate in the first HDSLR Meet-Up in Denmark. It will go down on the 22th of September at 8pm (20:00) at Grand Teater in Copenhagen. The following is for the Danish Particpants. Should you want to participate, and do not understand Danish, please write a message […]

Six Key Tactics for a Successful Viral Video

If you can think of a relevant way to utilise video as part of your marketing then there’s every reason you should. Research shows that audiences are extremely comfortable with the medium (YouTube alone makes up almost a quarter of Google search queries), it’s cheap to distribute, needn’t be expensive to produce and ranks highly […]

Video: Bittman interviews René Rezepi, Chef of the Worlds Best Restaurant

Watch in HD if possible. Referenced site:… Produced by Identityzoom. Photographer & Editor: Peter C. Harry. I had the pleasure to work with Mark Bittman, an American food journalist and author, who is in high regard in the world of food. He came to Copenhagen to interview René Redzepi, the chef of Noma, recently claimed […]